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How to start a four wheeler without a key

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Reprogramming GM Key fobs in nine simple steps. Press and hold the vehicle unlock button switch (on the driver's door) While holding the door's unlock button cycle the ignition key twice (ON, OFF, ON and OFF without starting the vehicle) Release the door's unlock button. The doors will lock and unlock automatically to confirm programming. Sit on your vehicle (if applicable make sure the engine is in the neutral gear) turn the key to the on position, step on the foot brake (or hold the hand brake) and then hit the start button. Also shown in this picture is the oil rule where you check your engine level. This is where you fill your ATV with oil (10w 30).

Just connect one clip of your multimeter to each side of the solenoid. Step 3. Once connected, you should see "OL," indicating an open circuit. Step 4. Connect the positive side of the battery using the back probe connection from Step 1. This will energize the solenoid and push the connector into position, completing the circuit.

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ok..i'll tell you how you should hook up your starter..from the battery to the starter. first...from the neg on the battery..you have a black cable with a clamp with holes on it..one end hooks to the neg on the battery..other hooks to and through a mounting bolt to attach the starter to the engine case..this is the best way i've found to ground. If your key has a groove on the left-hand side, use key blank 0453372 . Additionally, you can tell which key blank you need by checking the number on the key tag attached to the original key ring. If the first digit in that number is odd, you need key blank 0453143. If first digit of the number is even, you need key blank 0453372.

AWD & all other electronics will not be operational without the ignition key. Works with older Polaris models with pull start, temporary mesure only. AWD & all other electronics will not be.

First, you need to locate the solenoid which you can find near the battery parallel to the harness of wiring. There will be many wires reaching out of the solenoid but the biggest two wires need to be located only. Between these wires, you need to establish a connection through any metal object. Most commonly a wrench or a metal stick can be used.

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